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TU RESERVA.COM - Travel Agency for the Caribbean and the World. 

TU RESERVA.COM - The wholesale Travel Agency to the Caribbean and the World is subject to a liability regime established by Laws 300/96 and D.R. 1075/97. In accordance with Law 679 of August 3, 2001 of the Congress of the Republic of Colombia, warns the tourist that the exploitation and sexual abuse of minors in the country, is punishable criminally and administratively in accordance with the laws in force.




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The Commune 13 of the city of Medellín possesses great tourist and cultural activity; It presents the social and artistic transformation that it has had, through an urban renewal through art, crossing the barrier of historical contingencies and positioning itself as an attractive, innovative and successful site to learn more about the Paisa culture. The Graffiti Tour promotes the development of works and graffiti that make the construction and social and cultural transformation of Medellín inclusive.

Graffiti Tour in Commune 13

    • Transportation in special tourism vehicles according to the number of people.
    • Visit and entrance to the Cable Metro of San Javier.
    • Visit to the escalators of La Comuna 13.
    • Historical and aesthetic journey through the different graffiti of the place.
    • Accompanying guide during the tour.
    • Medical assistance card Does.