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The Greeks set out to explain the complexity of nature from four basic elements, fire, earth, water and air. Our excursion offers to know Colombia from places that demonstrate the power of those elements in nature. Start with a day in Bogota as a preparation for an immersion by the Colombian nature, in representation of the fire we will visit the Tatacoa desert and we will know its paleontological patrimony, we will continue with the earth element, represented by the cultural coffee landscape, declared world heritage by UNESCO in 2011, then we will travel to the most beautiful bay in America, we will know its fresh and salty waters mixed in the exuberant nature of the Tayrona natural park, finally we will know the Guajira and its nature brushstroke by the strong and constant winds over the Caribbean Sea.

Bogota, Tatacoa Desert, Santa Marta, Guajira

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All our Journeys depart on the dates that work for you and feature expert and certified local guides throughout your journey. The itinerary below can be customized to your interests, adding or removing days.

Day 1

Arrive in Bogotá and transfer to the hotel of your preference.

Meals Included: Welcome Dinner at a recognized and modern restaurant. (Andres DC or similar)

Day 2

Climb up the Monserrate Mountain: With an altitude of 3,152 meters, the Cerro de Monserrate offers an incredible view of the capital. At its top is the Sanctuary of Monserrate, a church with a figure of Christ of the seventeenth century that attracts pilgrims and tourists from all over the world throughout the year. There you will also find several souvenir shops and refreshments. To ascend you can take the funicular or the cable car.

Stroll by the architecture of La Candelaria and the Bolivar's Plaza: History and art in one of the most beautiful areas of the Colombian capital. Learn about the past of Bogotá's most historic neighborhood with this walking tour through its colonial streets. Then you can take a walk through the Plaza de Bolívar, in the heart of the city. Filled with pigeons, it is the perfect place to observe people. Around it are the buildings of the National Capitol, the Palace of Justice, the Primate Cathedral of Bogotá and the Mayor's Office.

Visit the extraordinary Gold Museum: It is home to one of the largest pre-Hispanic gold collections in the world. After a decade of renovations, the museum reopened in 2008. Over 55,000 pieces of gold and other materials from all pre-Hispanic cultures in Colombia are exhibited there.

Bike and Graffiti Tour: Bike tour around the best graffiti and murals which are painted by Colombians and foreigners who express their feelings about Colombian situation, social troubles, Colombian history and the Armed conflict of Colombia on the walls with an artistic style.

Optional activities: Visit The National Museum

Meals Included: Breakfast

Day 3

Air Transfer to Neiva and transfer to the hotel of your preference in Tatacoa's dessert

Visit the Paleontological museum of villavieja: Created in 1984, are exhibited 950 original pieces of fossil remains of gigantic turtles, sloths, crabs and fish of 15 million years belonging to the middle Miocene, all the fossil remains have been found in the Tatacoa’s desert.

Historical tour through the municipality of Villavieja: We will visit the chapel of Santa Bárbara, built by the Jesuits between 1606 and 1748, it was declared a National Monument in 1982, the Artisanal House Museum of Totumo, the Church of Our Lady of Socorro, the Malecón located on the banks of the Magdalena River where we will enjoy a brief canoe tour to learn a little more about the fauna and flora of the place, we will end up visiting a Craft Boutique.

Visit to the observatory and astronomy talk: It is an ideal scenario to enjoy the most important celestial phenomena of astronomy, there you can participate in an interactive talk of an hour and a half directed by an astronomer, make celestial mapping, learn about Greek mythology, cosmology, and observe the stars through telescope.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4

Path through the Valley of the Xilópalos: It is a spectacular walk through the gray area of the Tatacoa Desert, there we will find beautiful passages between rocks such as the snake pass, the strait of the lady and the valley of the beautiful, also, we can observe during the walk the Xilópalos, which are trunks of ancient trees that populated this area millions of years ago, and that have reached our days converted into fossils.

Path through the Cuzco and Rest in mineral water pool:  Tour of the Tatacoa Desert visiting places of interest such as Cardón, the labyrinths of Cuzco of red and ocher colors, Windows, the highest point of the Tatacoa and Los Hoyos, other sector in the desert of gray and white colors. We will finish the tour in a pool of mineral water to enjoy the sunset and get a well-deserved rest.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 5

Back to Bogotá and air transfer to Pereira to your hotel

City Tour: Tour of the capital of the department of Risaralda, known as "La Perla del Otún". We will appreciate the historic center of the city, we will make a tour of the Plaza de Bolívar, the Cathedral, El Lago Park and shopping streets where we can see the trade popular in the region. Transfer to visit the most representative bridges of the city such as the Viaduct and the Helicoidal Bridge. Photo stop in the Alto de Boquerón and tasting of special Colombian coffee. Tour of the sector of Alamos and Circunvalar Avenue. Visit to the Shopping Center and free shopping time. Transfer to your hotel at the agreed time.

Meals Included: Breakfast

Day 6

Visit Cocora's Valley and Salento: Transfer to the Cocora Valley appreciating the beautiful landscape of the place, once you arrive at the Valley, we will have a welcome cocktail (canelazo) and assistance by a specialized eco-guide from Cocora who introduces the Cocora Natural Reserve. Walking, transfer to the palm forest where we can appreciate the biodiversity of fauna and flora of the place and we will take the ecological trail of the highest wax palm in the world and national flagship tree, we will do the ritual of the Quindío wax palm, which It consists of knowing the history of how the aborigines worshiped this palm. Then we continue with the planting of palm seedlings. Transfer to the typical town of Salento where we will have a walking tour visiting its colonial streets, craft workshops and the viewpoint of Cocora.

Optional: Horseback ride, Trekking in Acaime Nature Reserve, Bike Tour in Cocora's valley and Salento

Meals Included: Breakfast

Day 7

Visit Café Morelia's Farm: Tour with specialized guide through the fields of the Finca La Morelia to know the details that reveal the excellent flavor and aroma of La Morelia coffee. Comfortable walk through the cultivation of coffee, through the processes of pulping, drying, threshing, despasillado or classification, roasting, grinding and packaging of coffee for final distribution to customers. A professional Barista invites you to see how a good espresso and other coffee-based drinks are prepared. You can enjoy the various traditional and non-traditional ways of obtaining the flavor that makes coffee one of the favorite drinks in the world. The route is complemented by the accompaniment of a taster who explains the attributes of our Coffee with practical and sensory examples. The sense of smell is put to the test and the possibility of consuming a product of excellent quality starts when our ability to perceive aromas is stimulated.

Visit the Santa Rosa Hot Spring: Enjoy waterfalls of thermal and cold water, the hot springs of Santa Rosa sprout from the earth at a temperature of 70º Celsius and descend through a beautiful fall of 80 meters to reach the pools at a temperature of 40º degrees.

Meals Included: Breakfast

Day 8

Air transfer to Santa Marta to the hotel of your preference.

Cultural Tour in City: It is an interesting tour through Santa Marta, the oldest city in America, you will visit the Cathedral, the Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino, the gold museum, the monument to the "Pibe" Valderrama, the Tayrona Deity monument and the panoramic view of the fishing village of Taganga, panoramic tour through the main streets and avenues of the city.

Meals Included: Breakfast

Day 9

Day tour at Tayrona Natural Park: Beautiful and impressive places, its spectacular landscapes and the beauty of its beaches, will leave you amazed and will recharge you with energy just by breathing the purity of your air. We will start in Cañaveral, from there we will walk through paths of forests and beaches, the initial journey is 45 minutes to Arrecifes, an imposing beach with strong waves. We will continue the 25 minute walk to the natural pool, a beach protected by a rock barrier that acts as a breakwater, enclosing the beach and converting it into a swimming pool suitable for swimming safely. From there, they are 15 minutes more, to reach Cape San Juan, place of incomparable beauty, from where we will return.

Meals Included: Breakfast

Day 10

Transfer to the hotel of your preference in Riohacha – Guajira

Day Tour at Cabo de La Vela: Located in Alta Guajira, under the jurisdiction of Uribia is a deserted area occupied by the Wayúu Indians, known for its beaches, places of myths and legends, including Kama'ichi (sugar bread), considered by the Wayúus as the sacred space where the spirits of the dead came to an unknown place. In Cabo de la Vela you will find the traditional facilities of the Wayúu lodge, and you will understand why La Guajira is called "The land of the wind".

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 11

Beach Day and Rest: Known for their sea and the red-sand dunes, which stretch all the way to the sea shores, relax… is all you need now.

Transfer to Santa Marta to The hotel of your preference

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 12

After breakfast, transfer to the airport to catch your international flight.




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Elevate your experience with a host of options available for an additional cost.

1. Trip in Helicopter to the lost city, the Sierra Nevada (an snowy) in Santa Marta, land by 2 hours in the indigenous village of Mulkuakungui and return to Santa Marta

2. Rent for hours or days a luxury yacht or fishing from Santa Marta

3. Add four days to your itinerary and Get to know the wonderful Lost City in the Sierra Nevada (an snowy), Lost City It was declared a Biosphere Reserve since 1979 By UNESCO

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